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Parallel Parked Autos ...... No Problem

Midnight Express

Ideally suited for high-volume towing, impound and repossession work, the Midnight Express is designed to be fast, easy and safe to operate. The driver can function the boom and hydraulic wheel lift from the safety and convenience of the cab and even pick up parallel parked vehicles at a 90° angle. Always remember to use your safety straps, safety chains, and tow lights before towing.


The Century Express is your answer to high volume towing the easy way. With Century's auto-loading, low profile crossbar design, you can easily pick up low clearance automobiles without getting out of your truck. The sloped tailboard design gives you the best visibility of any autoload in the industry. The 311 and 312 Express expands your vehicle capabilities with an extendable boom for light recovery work. Visit your local Century Distributor to see how the Century Express surpasses the competition.